Sunday, January 30, 2011

Remind Me Why

Lovers going to love;
Beings are going to be;
Warriors are going to war;
& Poets are going to pour it all out again & again for minds that can't seem to remember this.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Might Find In Hindsight..

you might find a man more prepared for life than I was
but you won't ever find a man more prepared for you.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You Live For the Thrills, You Die For The Moments

You Live For the Thrills, You Die For The Moments

You lay there
struggling to hold it in.
To part with,
The last breath
You'll ever take.
Still you know
It was one hell of a life.
It's a game we all play
But will never win.
Chasing breaths to catch and savor,
Although the rules favor the wind.

Like when you could not fathom
That anyone, let alone, someone,
Could fully understand you,
And still accept and love you the same.
That mini-panic attack you had,
Was you playing the game-
Giving up some of what you held dear,
Your air of life to that moment.

Or the times you couldn't catch your breath.
When that person explored all of you,
All of your depths.
With all of the panting,
Carnal chanting,
You eventually needed a breather.
What did you think you were doing?
You were playing the game.
Giving up life's air,
Along with the person who's name will always remain,
Even after many years.

Even when,
The many times
You had to regain your composure,
Coming scarily close to the game being over.
They say it's not living if every moment is controlled.
Risks make it more of an adventure,
So venture out where the wind is thin.
It made you cherish the brevity of air again.

Or the nights spent laughing uncontrollably
Because you and your friends broke the rules of normalcy.
Delirious to the point of hysteria,
You guys didn't care at all.
It felt so good to choke on a chuckle.
When each of them finally came out,
So did life's air.

You lay there,
That you took some in,
You let some out.
You were very much living.
Winning, all while losing precious air.
In spite of this time being different-
Since you won't get it back,
You remain true to the game.
You give in-
Opting to play,
Instead of to stay.
Knowing that life took your breath away.



Monday, December 13, 2010

Next Time Around

Next Time Around

I swear it never fails...
Life watched me
fall for four,
Hit for the perfect score.
Then allow them to all fall apart.
Eventually I'll get the lesson; I'll get smart.
I can even play the next one out in the dark-

When I make it to your heart
and I actually figure you out,
You'll be quick to shout:
"nigga get out!"
More in fear than you'll be in love.
When I show you as if I've had enough and begin to walk,
you'll start to think my love was just lust-
never strong enough to begin with.
But I'll just be showing you my words were far more than talk.
More in love than in fear with you,
your words and minor infractions
will cut deeper than anyone elses harshest actions.
Pain plus Pleasure equals Passion...
And I won't be able to imagine
having this style of love fit me
in a better or similar fashion.
Our past will be so intense!
Still, we'll hold on to the past tense.
What I'll do to your head will be hard to erase; Hard to rinse.
We'll just lather and repeat,
stalling under the heat of the water,
that's scalding, boiling, yet spoiling,
to our fears of being alone.
So we'll loan our bodies to each other
hoping we're collecting interest.
But we'll hardly invest the rest-
Your heart will be yours.
And my mind will be mine.
An in and out battle for control,
we'll just end up wasting each other's time.
But life is full of seconds
and every minute in it isn't a given.
The time we share is actually the power,
We'll just be holding on to hours.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

Unstitched Butterflies

Unstitched Butterflies

There’s a lesson in every lesion,

A reason for every impression.

So I occasionally undo the stitches

(At a rate of every other month in every season)

And enter in search of the forgotten caveat.

Bypassing the motifs & awing designs.

Familiarities have a tendency to keep your attention.

(Like how my name once sat atop your flower)

I bear in mind not (in heart),

The moral is what I seek,

Never the episodes-

(So I don’t recall the many nights spent under your movements)

No matter how tempting.

I can’t salvage it all,

So I never linger longer than it takes a tear to fall.

(Though my glossy eyes now match yours then)

I only take what I can bring with me safely-

The Ideas and wisdoms from the aftermath.

In no way is it ever tangible.

(Except for the pictures of you and I fixed in a happier moment)

As quickly as I’m in,

I’m out.

Stitching back up the seams to a past realm.

(Content with the immeasurable time spent playing with butterflies)



Sunday, October 31, 2010



She peers back at me with the intent to love--
By any means necessary.
Breaks away only to carry on her daily tasks;
But returns right back to the eyes that admire her.
Admiration beyond her phenotype--
Principles, &
Naivete (we know not what the other always knows).
She is very aware herself as my focus--
How I blink,
Only to view her exhibition with crystal clarity;
And how I rest,
To remind me that dreams won't know a beauty like reality.
She loves the scrutiny.
I adore how her smile grows from my intimate concentration.
I love even more,
The faces she makes during penetration.
Her eyes widen with gratitude,
I personally see my worth in their magnitude.
She's crazy about me taking in her everything.
Even when I'm giving her the side eye,
My peripheral doesn't miss her complexity;
I don't overlook her strange.
Nights spent wishing,
Days spent searching,
For someone to notice--
With eyes that are omniscient,
That reflect upon ourselves.
Realize our value exists inside each others eyes,
The reason we walk the earth for--
Find eyes that make you worth more,
Fine eyes that don't lie.

~Brennan R.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Always Time for the Truth

I told you everything for a reason

If the weather was to change

At moment’s notice,

I informed you-

You would be prepared for the seasons.

I was trying to make you my future

But the more I unwrapped the present

I found a link to your past-

Felt less like your man

And more like an intruder.

I apologize if you feel as if I wasted your time

I couldn’t trust

What I loved.

You based it on

Too many lies.

A truth can unravel at any moment

So at anytime,

If anyone

Ever asks you about your past-

Own It.

~Brennan Brenoso